home4Should you stay or should you go? We sized up apartments to see where you get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s face it: Your apartment’s square footage isn’t going to miraculously get larger over time, but your rent might increase year after year. And at some point, after yet another rent hike, most renters start to ponder this age-old question: Are they a culture-seeking urbanite who’s happy to pay more for less living space in a hot location, or have they outgrown the city life in favor of more square footage and amenities like free parking and green space?

We sized up two similarly priced apartments in and around five thriving cities, from apartments for rent in Atlanta, GA, to rentals in Seattle, WA, to see how the price per square foot changes, and just how much more you could get for your money when you live farther from the center of the action.

Guess what? The answer is overwhelmingly that renters get more for their money in the suburbs! The same sized apartment or home can cost half as much in a suburb compared to a city. If you’re an owner, this might be something to comsider! If you’re a renter and want the most for your money, it might be time to reconsider that commute…