The Top Pinterest Boards for Small Space Decorating Tips!

Having managed as many as 300 apartments and homes in Nashville at one time, we at Music City Leasing have learned a lot about helping owners AND renters maximize their small spaces! For our clients, we’ve gathered a great list of some of the best design and decor Pinterest boards to help your small space feel more like a home.

Tokyo apartments are notoriously teeny, so where better to find some genius insights on keeping things clean and serene in a miniature footprint than this Japanese Houses decor board?

decor2Amazing Interiors

The Coveteur’s fashionable features aren’t afraid of making a big impact—whether in their clothes or their living spaces, so it’s no surprise that the blog’s Interiors Pinterest board is delightfully bold and unabashedly hip.

A must follow for studio apartment dwellers, María Guadalupe Pérez Olguín gets into the nitty-gritty—murphy beds, lofted spaces, creative storage—on her home board.

Beth Jones showcases seemingly endless ways of making old things look perfectly at home in less-than-historic spaces. If you’ve got rustic, old-world style but live in a cookie-cutter apartment, this is a must-follow. Especially if you love decor that’s a little eclectic, her board is probably for you!

If you actually have a loft, you should already be following SFGirlByBay’s board. If you’re just pining for one (like us), torture yourself a bit more with this beauty.